To access the OBU cable system on your personal TV please complete the following steps:

1. Plug a coax cable directly from the wall jack into your TV's coax/cable port

2. Make sure there is no cable box between the wall jack and the TV

3. Change your TV input to Television/Cable

4. Open the setup menu on your TV and find the option to scan for channels

5. If given the option, choose to scan both Antenna DTV and Cable DTV

6. Once scan is complete you should see up to 85 channels found

7. If you are unable to find any channels, or you only find a small number of channels your TV may be incompatible with our digital system or too old to properly pick up the channels. In that case you may require an additional digital tuner.

8. We have tested one digital tuner with the OBU cable system that is available from Amazon. You can purchase that tuner HERE

Please contact the OBU Tech Team at 405-585-5200 if you have additional trouble getting your cable connected.