The Thurmond computer labs are configured with 3CX softphones.  These phones are for Admissions and Development staff to make outgoing phone calls from.  Below are instructions on how to use these softphones.

1.  Plug in a USB headset and allow Windows to install the driver and setup the device.  

2.  Open the 3CX softphone.  Start button>All Programs>3CX Phone>3CX Phone

3.  Set the 3CX softphone to use your USB headset.  

         - Press the "home" button on the softphone, then select "Preferences" from the menu:

    - Choose the appropriate Microphone and Speaker.  This may vary depending on the brand of your headset, but you will likely see

       the designation of "USB" somewhere in the device description: 

4.  Choose a Phone profile to call from from the upper right hand corner of the softphone.  Clicking this number will change to a different profile.  

    - These profiles correspond to a phone extension and will determine the callerID that the receiver of the call will see.  

    - Admissions staff should use profiles 31 through 54.

    - Development/Phonathon staff should use profiles 55 through 74.

    - A profile can be used on any computer, but the same profile should not be used simultaneously on two different computers.  

5.  Dial the desired phone number to make your call.