Installing Office 2016 on a Mac is challenging due to the inability to activate the software.  We discovered that build version 15.37.0 of Office 2016 released on 8/15/17 should allow you to activate the software.  Please follow the instructions below to download, install, and activate version 15.37.0.  

1.  Uninstall the version of Office 2016 you have on your Mac.  Instructions for uninstalling Office 2016 can be found here.

2.  Download Office 2016 build 15.37.0 here.

3.  Install Office 2016 build 15.37.0.  Do not install any updates to Office when prompted.

4.  Open one of the Office 2016 apps, such as Word.  You should be prompted to activate Office 2016.  Use your OBU Office 365 credentials for activation.  Activation instructions are available here.   

5.  If you intend to use Outlook 2016 for OBU email, open Outlook now and setup that account.  Outlook will not allow you to use it for OBU email once you apply any updates.

6.  Once activated and have Outlook setup for OBU email, you may proceed with applying any updates to Office 2016.   

Note:  Uninstalling Office 2016 as described in step 1 should work in most cases.  However, in some cases it might be necessary to perform a complete uninstall.  If you are still unable to activate Office 2016 after following the steps above, attempt a complete uninstall by following the instructions found here.  After the complete uninstall, attempt to reinstall and activate Office 2016 using build 15.37.0.