1. Log into Self Service Banner at Select the Student Tab. Click on Registration. 

  1. Click on Look Up Classes 

  1. Select a Term and Click Submit 

  1. To better view your course options, Select Advanced Search 

  1. Look up your Class by Subject (and Course Number if available) then Click Section Search. 

  1. Find the Class and Write down the CRN Number if the course is full. 

  1. Return to Main Registration Page and Click Add or Drop Classes 

  1. Enter Alternate PIN: (this is your enrollment PIN you will receive from your advisor) and Submit 

  1. Enter the CRN Number and Click Submit Changes 

  1. Click the Action Dropdown and Select Wait List. Then Click Submit Changes. 

  1. You are Wait Listed for your class.  

  1. You must now email the Professor of your Wait-Listed class with your name & ID#, your major, your classification, the class information, and your reason for needing in that specific section. To find your Professor’s email address, go to the OBU Homepage and Click Directory or to 


If you do not email the Professor, you will not be considered for enrollment in the class. DO NOT GO DIRECTLY TO THE PROFESSOR FOR A SIGNATURE. Being Wait-Listed for a class does not mean you are enrolled in the class. You will be notified by the Academic Center or your Professor if you are moved from the Wait-List to actual enrollment in the class. DO NOT ATTEND A WAIT-LISTED CLASS.