General Canvas Training Videos

The videos below cover everything from logging into Canvas for the first time, to general course navigation, grades and content input.

First Look - An Introduction to Canvas

This video will walk you through logging into Canvas as well as an overview of the global navigation bar which includes account settings, dashboard, courses, calendar and inbox.

Logging into Canvas:

Managing your Dashboard:

  1. To show or hide courses on your dashboard:
    1. On the left green sidebar, select Courses
    2. Scroll all the way down to select All Courses
    3. Click the star icon next to the course title show or hide it on your dashboard.
  2. To organize your dashboard:
    1. On your Dashboard screen, click and drag the courses to arrange them in the order you want.

Canvas Course Basics

This video will walk you through the course navigation tools which include syllabus, people, grades, assignments, announcement, quizzes and settings.