Transferring Course Data Between Canvas Courses

Transferring Course Data Into a New Course

This video will walk you through importing course data from a previous Canvas course into a new course as well as updating due dates and course data.

Walkthrough - 

  1. Open the blank course that you want to copy data into.
  2. On the homepage click the large icon that says add existing content.
    - OR click on Settings and then Import Course Content on the right side.
  3. Select Copy a Canvas Course under the content type drop down.
  4. Enter a course name or select the course you want to copy from in the available list.
  5. Choose to copy all content or specific content into the course
    (If you choose 'specific' you will pick what data later in the process)
  6. Select Adjust Due Dates if you desire.
  7. Enter the start date for the old course and start date for the new course.
  8. Click Import
  9. The course will import and you will see a notification at the bottom when it is complete.
  10. IF you chose to import specific content in step 5 you will see a green button that says select content
  11. Click the select content button and choose what content you want to import by checking the box next to items you want to import
    (If you click the arrow icon next to a category it will allow you to choose more granular items in that category)
  12. Click select content at the bottom right.
  13. Your course data will now show up in your course.