How to Print using the OBU Follow-Me-Staff Printing System


  1. OBU Technology Services must have installed the Follow-Me-Staff printer and PaperCut MF on your laptop or desktop computer.
  2. When you turn on your computer you should be prompted to log into PaperCut using your OBU email address (or your Firstname Lastname) and your email/novel password and check the box that says "Remember my identity". 
  3. Open any file you would like to print.
  4. Select the print icon, click "file" and then "print" or use keyboard shortcuts to open the print options.
  5. Select the printer "Follow-Me-Staff" from your list of printers.
  6. Click "Print".
  7. The first time you print after logging in you will have one more popup from PaperCut asking you to login to send the print job. Enter your OBU email address (or Firstname Lastname) and your email/novel password and select how long you want to stay logged in. On a staff or faculty computer you will probably want to leave it as "Until I logout".
  8. Click "OK".
  9. You will then get one final popup either in the center or lower left of your screen letting you know that your print is being held in a queue and is waiting for you to scan your card at a printer.
  10. Walk to any Konica Minolta printer on campus and scan your ID to login to the printer.

  11. Select "Print Release" on the printer screen (or select "Print All" at the top right corner.

  12. Select the job you would like to print and then select "print" or "print all" to release your job.

  13. Select the "logout" button on the home screen to complete your printing.