How to Print to OBU Printers using Web Print


  1. Go to or click on "search" at and select "Web Printing"

  2. Login to your PaperCut account:
    User Name = Student ID Number or OBU email address
    Password = OBU email password

  3. Click the green Submit a Job button

  4. Select OBU-MobilePrint from the list of printers (or OBU-MobilePrint-Duplex for double-sided printing)

  5. Click the green Print Options and Account Selection button.

  6. Input the number of copies you would like to print and click upload documents

  7. Drag files to print into the upload box or click the upload from computer button to select a file from your computer.NOTE: Only PDF and Image files are supported by Web Print. Most word processing apps such as Microsoft Word can save/export files as PDF's

  8.  Once your files are selected click Upload and Complete

  9. You will then see the file you uploaded be processed and should then display the message Held in a queue when it is ready to pickup from a printer.

  10. Walk to any Konica Minolta student printer on campus and scan your student ID to login to the printer. If you don't have your ID, or it does not scan you can also enter your login info on the printer screen itself. (User Name = ID Number, Password = OBU email password)

    Student Accessible Printers are located in:
    • Library Reference Area
    • Library QuickPrint Stations
    • Library Bubble 
    (24Hr Access)
    • Geiger Center Mailroom 
    (24Hr Access)

  11. Press Print Release on the printer screen (or press Print All at the top right corner)
  12. Select the job you would like to print and then press print or print all to release your job.
  13. Select the Log Out button on the home screen to complete your printing.