Please fill out the form below to have course data transferred from Moodle to Canvas

What will be transferred?

  • Files - Any documents you uploaded into your Moodle course for students to access.
  • Quizzes - Any tests or quizzes you created inside of Moodle.
  • Discussion Boards - Any discussion board topics you created in Moodle.

What may have issues transferring?

  • Some content built into modules may transfer or be displayed differently.
  • Due Dates - Some due date data will transfer depending on the type of assignment it is associated with.
  • 3rd Party Plug-Ins - Any course apps or 3rd party plug-ins may need to be reconfigured to use with Canvas.

What will NOT transfer?

  • Student Data - No enrollment data will be transferred.
  • Grades - No student grades will be transferred.
  • Discussions - No discussion submissions will be transferred.
  • File/Assignment Submissions - No student submitted data will be transferred

Form Instructions:
  • Please fill out one form for each course you would like transferred from Moodle to Canvas. 
  • Once you submit the form you will have the option to complete the form again.
  • You will need your course CRN to complete the form. This can be found in Self-Service Banner.

Request Deadlines:

  • Summer 2018 Course - 5/31/18
  • Fall 2018 Course - 6/30/18
  • J-Term 2019 Course - 11/22/18
  • Spring 2019 Course - 12/21/18

Transfer requests received after the dates listed above will not be available before the required term start date.