Formatting Notes in OneNote

Format your notes to get them to look just the way you want.

Format notes

  • Select the Home tab and then select the formatting you want like font, font size, Bold, Italic, or Underline.

Highlight text

  • Select Highlight and select a color you want.

Create lists

  • Select Bullets or Numbering to create a list.

Indent text

  • Select Increase Indent to indent text.

Align notes

  • Select Paragraph Formatting to:

    • Align notes left, center, or right.

    • Add tags like Important, Question, or Critical, and select them again to remove from your notes.

Apply styles

  • Select Styles to apply a Heading, Page Title, Citation, or Quote to your notes.

Clear formatting

  • Select Clear All Formatting to clear all text formatting.

Insert Link

  • Type the address you want into your page to automatically create a link, or select Insert > Link.

Formating Pages in OneNote

Apply a background color to your OneNote pages to change their appearance and make your notes more visually appealing.

Change page color

  • Select View > Page Color, and then choose a color.

Change section color

  • Right-click a section name in your OneNote notebook, and then select a color.

Turn on rule lines

  • Select Rule Lines and choose a line option.