Setting up OBU email in the Apple Mail app

OBU tech services recommends using the Outlook app that is available to download from your Apple App Store as the best solution for syncing your OBU email to an Apple device. 
If you would like to use the native Apple mail app, please use the steps below to setup that connection.

OBU students and employees can setup their OBU account using the native Apple Mail app on an Apple laptop or desktop computer using the following steps:

  1. Open the Mail app on your Apple computer
  2. If you have no accounts previously setup skip to step 4
  3. Click Mail at the top right of your screen and then select Accounts
  4. Select Exchange from list of account types and click Continue
  5. Enter your Name in the Name field
  6. Enter your OBU email account in the Email Address field
  7. Click Sign In
  8. Click Configure Manually
  9. Enter your Name in the Name field
  10. Enter your OBU email address in the Email Address field
  11. Enter your OBU email password in the Password field
  12. Click Sign In
  13. Confirm that your name, email account and password are still correct
  14. Enter in both the Internal and External URL fields
  15. Click Sign In
  16. Select what account data you would like to connect and sync to your device.
    CAUTION: if you select to sync contacts, all contacts from your OBU account will be synced to your device including all OBU email addresses currently active in the system. This may give you unwanted results.
  17. Click Done to complete the setup