One of the features available within Canvas is the ability to cross-list your courses. Cross-listing classes is a great tool if you are teaching multiple sections of one course or if you have one class which is listed in multiple disciplines. This allows you to combine sections of a class into one so that you don't have to post announcements or assignments in multiple places. After sections are cross-listed, you will only see one of the sections on your dashboard, but the other sections will be within this parent course. Once you open the course, the students will be identified by section, and you can view your gradebook with the sections combined or individually.

If you cross-list classes, keep in mind that your assignments and announcements are listed as the same for all sections. You can limit these to one particular section, but you will want to specify this when you publish the items. 

Cross-listing has to be done through the Instructional Technology office, so if you would like to combine courses, please click here to complete the cross-listing form. This needs to be done before any students post submissions, so it is best to do this prior to the start of a semester.