Attendance Reports & Student Access

This video will look deeper into how to use attendance data to create reports and access attendance information as well as show how students access their own attendance reports.

How to Output an Attendance Summary for the Entire Class

  1. From within your course, select Attendance on the left-hand side
  2. At the top right, click the gear icon and select Attendance Report
  3. Under Filter Your Data, leave everything blank
  4. Under Tell us where we should send the report, make sure your email address is correct
  5. Click Run Report
  6. Open your OBU Email and wait for your link to arrive
  7. Open the link in the email from Roll Call, then download the .CSV file which will open in Excel.
    1. Chrome users: open the file at the bottom of your screen
    2. Other users: open the file from your Downloads folder
  8. Create a table for a more user-friendly view of the data:
    1. In your Excel file from step 7, go to the Insert tab near the top left corner
    2. Click Pivot Table on the left side
    3. Leave the default info as it is, and click Okay
    4. Excel will create a new sheet for your table.
    5. In the PivotTable Builder popup:
      1. Drag the Student Name field to the Rows window
      2. Drag the Attendance field to the Columns window
      3. Drag the Attendance field again to the Values window
      4. Close out the PivotTable Builder
  9. You should now have a table with each student and their attendance markings.