Phone Forwarding - Polycom 650 (Larger phone & display) 

Important Note: These instructions must be completed from your office phone. If your calls are forwarded using these instructions, your calls will be forwarded 24 hours a day until you disable the forwarding from your office phone. If you are away from campus or would like to add time or day restrictions, please email with details, and the phone system administrator will forward your calls accordingly.

To forward all incoming calls to another phone number:

1. From the idle display, press the Forward soft key. 

2. (Optional) If multiple lines are configured on your phone, select the line to forward from the list using the up and down arrows. 

3. Select Always, and then press the Select soft key. 

4. Enter the phone number that you want to receive the forwarded calls. 

5. Select the Enable soft key to confirm call forwarding. A moving arrow appears on the line label to confirm call forwarding is enabled.


To disable call forwarding: Follow the same steps above but skip step 4 and press “Disable” instead of “Enable” at step 5. 

Voicemail notes: If a forwarded call is not answered, it will go to your OBU voicemail like normal in most cases. Please be aware that if you decline a forwarded call on your cell phone, the call will go to your cell phone’s voicemail instead of your OBU voicemail. You will continue to receive an email when you receive a message in your OBU voicemail.

You may call 405-585-4040 to access the voicemail system from off-campus.