There are two main methods to create and deliver presentations in Canvas, either live or recorded. Below are the simplest ways to achieve each method. Uploaded video files must be smaller than 500MB, so it is recommended that you record multiple short presentations instead of one long presentation and that you save as internet quality, as opposed to HD. 

Record presentations using Powerpoint:

***Make sure you are using the latest version of Office when recording powerpoint. To download this, go to and click at the top right on Install Office. If Powerpoint does not give you the option to export to video or if you don't see the recording options, you may need to download Office 365.***

  1. Open a PowerPoint document and select the Slide Show tab. 
  2. Choose Record Slideshow to begin the recording. 
  3. Allow PowerPoint access to your microphone if requested. 
  4. Navigate through your PowerPoint while narrating or lecturing as you normally would and then select End Show when complete. 
  5. Confirm that you want to keep the recordings. 
  6. Save the video by choosing File and then Export. 
  7. Choose where you would like the file saved. Select MP4 and Internet Quality. Ensure that use recorded timings and narrations is enabled. 
  8. Click Export.
  9. Open the Canvas location where you want to post the video. 
  10. Choose Record/Upload Media on the desired page and then select the Upload Media tab. 
  11. Choose Select Video File and navigate to your saved video. Select Open and wait for the video to process. 
  12. Save and publish the page.  

Present and record an online presentation in Canvas:

To record online presentations, you can use Canvas Conferences or Zoom. Conferences are beneficial for office hours or situations where students may come and go throughout a period of time. It is limited in that recordings are only kept for 14 days and students cannot access them from mobile devices. Zoom is a great tool for interactive meetings or lectures. It will save recordings to your local device, and you will be able to upload these to Canvas. Both Conferences and Zoom will permit screen sharing and video recording and are integrated into Canvas. 

Zoom tutorials are available at here

Present a live presentation in Canvas Conferences:

  1. In your Canvas course make Conferences visible in the course navigation menu.
  2. Go to Settings, Navigation, and then click and drag Conferences up into the visible menu.
  3. Click on the Conferences link on the left.
  4. Click the + Conference button to create a new conference meeting. Canvas utilizes a program called BigBlueButton for hosting and recording life conferences.
  5. Name your conference and select any other options you desire.
    NOTE: if you enable recording of the conference, please be aware that conference recordings are only available for 14 days after the conference date.
  6. Select update to close the settings.
  7. Select Start next to the conference you wish to begin. 
  8. Allow the conference to use your computer microphone and perform the audio test. 
  9. If you wish to enable your webcam, select share webcam at the bottom of the screen and then give permission for the browser to utilize your camera.
  10. To add documents, select the + button and choose Upload Presentation
  11. Upload your desired document and select Confirm. (PDF documents work best in this environment.) 
  12. To mute all participants during the presentation, select gear icon at the top of the users list on the left, and choose mute all users except presenter. 
  13. To record the conference Select Start Recording at the top center to begin the recording.
    NOTE: Please be aware that conference recordings are only available for 14 days after the conference date and should not be used for lecture replacement.
  14. End the conference by selecting the three vertical dots and choose End Conference. 
  15. In Canvas, select End to close the conference. 
  16. After several minutes the recorded video will be available for viewing. 

Advanced training on using the BigBlueButton in Canvas Conferences is available here.