OBU provides virtual Windows desktops for use in computer labs across campus as well as for staff and faculty use when a user needs to work inside the OBU network from an off-campus or personal computer.

Logging into a VM (Virtual machine) functions just as if you were logging into a Windows computer, but can run through a web browser with no need to install additional software.

NOTE: Only some users have access to virtual machines. If you believe you need access to work from home or other situations please have a supervisor contact the HelpDesk to have a VM setup for your use.

How to Connect to a VM

  1. Open a web browser (we recommend Chrome) and go to https://view2.okbu.edu/

  2. Click the VM Horizon HTML Access button to log in without installing anything on your computer.

  3. Enter your first.last name (like your email address) and then your OBU email password and click Login

  4. You will see any available virtual machines that you have been assigned. Select on (probably Office Desktop) to boot up the VM.

  5. You will see a normal Windows 10 loading screen as the virtual computer boots up and prepares for use.

  6. Once the login has completed you will have a normal Windows desktop and can begin working just as if you were at a computer on the OBU campus.

  7. To close the session, simply close your browser window or close your VM client.

How to Log Back in After a Timeout

  1. If your VM goes to sleep/screensaver and puts you back to the windows login page you will not be able to input Ctrl+Alt+Delete from your keyboard.
  2. You will need to click the gray TAB to open the VM options menu
  3. Then select the keyboard icon at the top of the screen to input Ctrl+Alt+Delete
  4. You can then log back into the VM using your OBU email password